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Upcoming Game

March 10th - March 12th
This game is taking place at the Koroneburg Renaissance Festival.   MAP

Just as a note, there are buildings at this site, but they are not cabins to sleep in.
You will need to make arrangements to sleep in a tent.   Any tent set up in Town must be dressed to look  IN GAME.

Event check-in should start around 6PM Friday (possibly earlier), we can show up to set up our gear any time after 3PM.
Event will be over late Saturday night with pack-up and afters on Sunday.
Event fee is $50.  
If you are planning on playing a 2nd alternate character at game, there is a $10 fee.
As always, your first event PCing is FREE 
Bring a new player (who will play free) and get half off YOUR event fee., as well as extra CP!
You also get a $10 DISCOUNT FOR EVERY NEW NPC YOU BRING! So tell your friends,
NPCing is free, so it's a good way to check out LARPing if it's your first time!

Check out the Facebook Event Page for more information.

Player Advocates Needed

Job Responsibilities Include:

  • Hard Work
  • Being Awesome
  • Hitting People with Swords
  • Creating Cool Encounters
  • Support Staff at the Event
  • Helping People Understand the Rules
  • Continuing to PC
  • One 4 Hour Advocate Shift A Game
  • Helping to Foster a Positive Game Environment
  • Contact Jon R for details.
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