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“Some heroes fell asleep, for they must have, to ignore the troubles that became our world. The details are lost to all but the gods, -if they exist-. Through whatever means, the world that was, is not; and what is, is but new compared to the infinite cycles of time before hand.”
~Excerpt from ‘The World of Ruin’ by Loremaster Cejel Nenulio

Welcome to the Twin Mask, a world of deceit, war, and corruption.

Here in the Ruined world you will face demons on the field of battle, and within your very being. You will be pushed to emotional extremes, and placed in situations that make you question all that you know.

Man has, for years now, hunted and killed creatures of magic throughout the known world. Entire belief structures have warped over time to not only support this practice, but enflame it. As a result; mankind have thrived, but magic has slowly been withering away, now just a shadow of the greatness it once was. This is not to say that the use of magic is completely lost to man. Some still use the craft, huddled in dark corners, whispering forbidden secrets. Yet the strongest of all spells have been lost to the ages, and await discovery once more.

Twin Mask is a medium combat LARP, with a strong emphasis on immersion, and story. For those unfamiliar with what a LARP is, the simplest explanation is that of the merger between improvisational theatre, and sport. No one will tell you what to do, and therefore; the game very much is what you make of it. For actors this is an excellent opportunity to practice odd character quirks, method acting, and anything else you may have studied in classes. For the sports enthusiast, LARPing is great exercise. For the costume designers or makeup artists, this is an opportunity to put to use all of your design skills. For the rest of us, it’s a place to make new friends and become immersed in an environment of raw creativity.

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