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Maps and Mists :

As every sailor knows, it is foolish to venture too long out at sea.
Those who ignore this advice are often claimed by the mists that come and
go with the weather and surround the entire world. Those who do return,
often return mad, spouting wild tales of monstrous beasts and land where
there is only sea. It is said that time moves differently in the mists, and
many legends and superstitions exist that focus around this phenomenon.
Asa result, exploration has been difficult.


Land Masses:
The commonly known continents are:
12: “Tear” named for its tear like shape.

11: “The Western Expanse” Originally just called ‘the Expanse’, it is home of the
Celestine Empire, many barbaric clans, and most of the Citystates.

10: “The Eastern Expanse” Originally just called ‘the Expanse’, it is home of the
Amalgamation, the Nadine Empire, the Veyn, and the lands of the Coatl.

9: “Southern Breach” Named for the straight, or ‘Breach’ that separates the western
expanse from Breach, as well as the treacherous shorelines and cliffs that make Breach a
highly defensible continent. It is home of the demon households, and the nomadic Saek

8: “The Breach Isles” The three islands off of the western coast of Southern Breach.
They, like their namesake, are deadly to navigate around and near impossible to make
port for any captain unfamiliar with the shores of Breach.

7: “Eur” also called “The Wild” or “the Destroyed Islands of Eur” Legends say it was
once part of the eastern wall, but when the people turned their back on the will of nature;
the earth goddess Eur shook in anger and split the land. The islands of Eur are known to
be treacherously wild, and filled with all manner of poisonous creatures. None but the
Vicaul, and a few clans of druids, dare live there.

6: “Dace” named after the island nation’s ruling family. It is neutral territory to all sides,
and none but the soldiers of Dace or nobles are allowed to carry weapons while visiting
the isle. Trade reigns supreme but Dace also boasts a fleet of the finest ships of the line
augmenting a large merchant fleet.

5: “The Isles of Eirie” Named after a goddess of love, it is a hedonist’s paradise. Safe in
its seclusion, it has strong trade ties with the surrounding nations and a neutral stance on
wars. However the populous of Eirie hold particular views on etiquette and those who
violate the ‘divinity’ of their island home often disappear without a trace.

4: “Northern Isle” sometimes called ‘the Eye’ or ‘Ire’ as it is a deceptively treacherous
island. The early sailors to travel here would find this seemingly inviting island only to
crash upon the jagged rocks that sit just below the water’s surface. The northern isle is
said to be uninhabited.

3: “Broken Tears” referring to the small islands to the southeast of the continent Tear.
Also named due to treacherous seafaring conditions off the shore-lines near Tear.

2: “Cestrel” A modestly powerful island nation named after the house of Cestrel. They
control a potent navy, but use little in the way of armored troops.

1: There are reports of other continents or islands, however, expeditions that linger too
long out at sea and into the mists rarely return. Those that do return often return mad, or
come back recounting unbelievable stories.

The Sea is called:
13: “Torrent” Named to describe the strength and force of the undertow, storms, and

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