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The Races of Twin Mask

“There are three types of creatures within the world. There are the beasts, which exist to
serve. There is mankind who is destined to rule, and there are the abominations, which
are neither beast nor man, that exist to test man’s resolve. Only when all abominations
lay dead at the feet of their masters will the world truly be ours.”
~Excerpt from ‘The One Truth'


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The Effendal

The High Born - The Blooded

The High Born, also known as the Effendal, or called ‘elves’ by many humans, predate recorded history. Some legends link them as the descendants of the great ‘Sidhe,’ a fictitious race among the Fae. The ‘Sidhe’ were said to be the Lords of Fae, immortal, and powerful in the ways of magic. A time came when ‘the lords of the between’ left, sailing into the sea crafting the great Mists behind them to prevent anyone from following. This however is widely believed among the academic communities to be a simple, and early, explanation for one of our great unknowns; the mists. The High Born do exist however, and very little is known about their culture, as the Church has done an exceedingly good job at hunting them down, killing survivors, and destroying any book or artifact that can be linked to one of these so called ‘Abominations.’

The High Born were given the derogatory term ‘Elf’ hundreds of years ago when one of the Effendal was captured and brought before the Amalgamation King Calies IV of the White Chalice in 21r. The court thought the Effendal’s behavior and clothing were so bizarre they forced him to entertain court as a jester for years to come. Though the Effendal could not understand their words, or speak to them in the common tongue, they would poke at him with whatever was available and laugh at the quaint way he would yelp or beg for his freedom. The court could not pronounce Effendal, a word he repeated on many occasions, and so they shortened it to the derogatory term ‘Elf’ which has held to this day and carries the connotation of the word ‘Fool’. A High Born who is called such a word, and understands its historical meaning, is sure to take offense.

The Effendal exist in a caste system, where one is born into a family that serves a very specific role in that society. Each caste has its own name in their own language, but the nobles are trained to lead, warriors are trained to hunt and protect, the priestly are trained to be wise, etc. 19 Tribal in culture, and isolated from the rest of the world, they tend to be weary of strangers, hostile to humans, and often have forsaken the language common to mankind. This language often varies from tribe to tribe.

All High Blooded have extremely heightened senses. Their sense of taste, touch, sight, and hearing is far beyond the human capabilities, which has spawned further curiosity and resentment of this mystical race. From what documentation that does exists, certain aspects of their culture are explained.

For instance:
Taste: A High Born’s pallet is far more sensitive than a human. This explains some rather rude (from our perspective), reactions from their kind when we offer food, or drink. Their food preparation includes extremely subtle nuances to their food that a human pallet cannot detect, which also adds to our confusion when we are given the rare opportunity to dine as a guest of a High Born couple, as we do not see what all of the fuss is about. (Our reactions are often similarly rude from their perspective) The stance on the High Born’s wine or cider is the same, which explains their frequent insults to human cooking and ale.

Touch: The High born are renowned for this aspect, as to some of their kind, it can be euphoric to simply touch a rose petal, or feel a cool breeze upon their skin. Women are even more sensitive to this, and utterly detest the concept of kissing any male who has facial hair. Their heightened sense of touch is more of burden than a blessing however, and when this trait was discovered it was exploited by those versed in the arts of torture. A few famous Inquisitors used to detail their work, and made note that ‘there is nothing more enjoyable than torturing an elf.’ Among the High Born, torture is reserved for only their most grievous of enemies, and by human standards this form of execution is often still tame, but to the Blooded, it is the greatest insult and punishment that can be bestowed. A High Born’s ears are the most sensitive part of their body.

Sight: People think that the forest is their home because they have made pacts with forest spirits, and the forest provides them shelter from the all seeing eye of the maker (a paradox in and of itself). But, this is only partially true. The forest, as any bandit will tell you, does offer a great many advantages, but among them, and a trait very important to their kind, is shade. Unlike the humans, the High Born do not fare well in large open fields on bright and sunny days. Their eyes are too sensitive, and were one to be in such a position, they would almost assuredly wear a cowl or veil to shield them from the sun. This sensitivity however makes them feel at home 20 in the forest, and when fighting humans, the Blooded almost exclusively attack at night where legends say they fade in and out of the forest like phantom spirits. The legends are exaggerations of course, but their prowess in such skirmishes is not to be underestimated.

Smell: This sense is perhaps the simplest to understand. They don’t like pungent odors. This makes them both very meticulous about their personal hygiene, and critical of others. Women, and often men too, use sweet smelling perfumes made of natural scents, but often only a dab to give a subtle hint, but never too much.

Hearing: Why do you never see a High Born in a crowded bar or tavern? They hate loud noises, and abhor human cities. Some high born say they sleep better outdoors, or just outside of town. This statement is very true, and a polite way of excusing themselves, for it would surely drive most people insane were they never able to get sleep hearing the sound of drunks in the street and crying babies all night long. As such High Born settlements are much more spread out, and in general they are much less ‘rowdy’ than the human races. Even when high born speak, it is considered polite and courteous to use a low voice.

In short, much of what you have already no doubt heard is true, but for much different reasons. Their otherwise “silly, odd” or even “Elvish” behavior isn’t odd or silly after all, but done for very practical reasons.


There are humans and there are abominations. Humans come from one of the various nations. Abominations are broken into subsets of three broad categories; Demon, Celestial, and Fae. 

NOTE: These "Abomination" races are not available at character creation, except for current players as a retirement bonus.

Currently, the only non-human race available as a nonretirementbonus is Effendal.
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