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“Gods. Are they real, or superstition? Careful where you ask that. Some say ‘when’ the world was destroyed, (and who says it ever was) the heathen gods made a pact agreeing to never ‘directly’ war or influence human life. As such they help or harm in subtle ways. Others believe the world was never destroyed and any so-called miracle is a coincidence. Others still use the term ‘God’ interchangeably with ‘Powerful Being’. As such, many so called gods or prophets have been exposed as charlatans, but no one can discount the supernatural nature of certain places, objects, or even beings. Alchemy, sophistry, herbology, palm reading, and several other magical sciences are in wide use, and viewed often in the same light as the ability a physic has in non-magical healing.
There is also one religion that has grown to be far more powerful than all others. “The Church of Chorus” as it is called is in many places the only legal religion. Worshipers of other faiths are persecuted to a violent degree. This includes intolerance against “The Church” in regions where “the faith” has yet to spread.
There are many religions about, and many people will argue them to a violent degree, so; here is a brief list of the Established faiths and Pantheons.”
~Excerpt from ‘The World of Ruin’ by Loremaster Cejel Nenulio

The Old Ways
The Nameless Faith
The Church of Zyte
The Celestine Faith
The Forbidden Gods

“The Old Ways”

Created long ago, when there was no civilization, only the wild. This wild was respected, revered, and above all; feared. The followers of this religion are stooped in superstition, closed minded, and territorial. They burn sacrifices to their gods, and worship; Ren –the root of the world, Thte – the warrior, Siton –the wicked spider, Raven –the feathered trickster, Hawk – the messenger of the sun, Wolf – the guardian of the moon, The White Stag – bringer of plenty, Falcon – the hunter, Crow – the messenger of the dead, Owl – the observant, Veyn – lord of fresh water, and Baleaiesh – the destroyer.

This religion has no temples but the occasional shrine typically in tribal areas or deep in the wild. The religion preaches absolute devotion to the gods. Disobedience is deserving of death and yields nature’s catastrophes. Birds are the messengers of the gods. There are no holy texts for this faith.

The faith has no military, though several tribes follow it and blindly obey the hermit druids of the old ways. There is only one rank within the religion; Druid, and the exceptionally rare, barbaric paladins that exist are feared for their tremendous strength and tenacity.

“Woe be it to those who test the wrath of the destroyer, who honor not the trickster, and fear not the wicked. Destroy the infidels who test our faith. Show them the mettle in our hearts through the fire in our eyes. Make the field turn red with the blood of our sacrifices.” –Hret the Druid


The Nameless Faith:

Followers of “the Forbidden Faith,” also known as “the Blasphemers” are arrested on sight in some locations. This faith as such has few stable church locations, and instead favors shrines and ‘meetings.’ The church teaches ‘self above all’ and that any action is justified so long as it benefits you. They also believe that you have power over anything that you can destroy, and that those you kill will be your slaves in the afterlife. They follow the ‘nameless gods.’

The Church’s military is that of countless assassins rogues and heretics scattered around the continents that work in isolated cells. At a moment’s notice the church is said to be able to slay anyone. As such they are also blamed for virtually every assassination that has ever happened. The church’s elite killers are called ‘The Nameless.’ The clergy ranks are: Initiate, Acolyte, Devoted, Priest, High Priest, and Disciple. There is no holy book for this faith as all teachings are spread word of mouth, but, there is a cipher commonly used with this faith, though it is not limited to the faith. It’s called Pyr’s cipher.

“Care not for the words of your lessers. You are great and powerful for you have found us. Know now that your actions will echo in infamy for all time. Use your enemies. Use your friends. Go and succeed in all that you do.”


The Church of Zyte:

When the Demon God Zyte enslaved a fledgling civilization and proclaimed himself god over them, this was said to usher in a new age of humanity. The Church of Zyte is an evil faith that is practiced only in southern breach, primarily in the Demons’ city named after him.

The church teaches strength and obedience, and its followers are commanded to go out and conquer in his name. The faithful and effective rise quickly while the rest are stuck as servants. The holy book of Zyte’s religion is also named after the vain god, and is called ‘The book of Zyte,’ which is written in Zye Cipher.

Ferocious demons and the paladins of the church lead the large military. These fierce soldiers are called ‘the demon knights of Zye.’ The clergy ranks are: Acolyte, Priest, High Priest, Deacon, High Deacon, and Cardinal. The cardinals are the highest servants and nobility of the Demon God.

“Do unto others utterly and completely. Kill them swiftly. Take all there is to take, and Worship me. These are the simplest of commands I have for thee. Go out now and conquer in my name. Only then shall you find salvation.”


The Church of Chorus:

“The Church” follows Chorus, a god of fate and magic. He is often called; “He that is the Maker and Un-maker” “the Lord of all” “the Father” and “He that Never Sleeps.” This faith is the most established of all religions, it is the wealthiest, and has the largest following. It teaches strength of will, an obligation to better yourself with knowledge and a cold intolerance to those who are ignorant of the truths of the world. (Faith in “The Church” is viewed to be one of those truths and it is therefore a very intolerant faith.)

The Church’s military is led by its paladins; “The Inquisition.” Who follow the orders of the clergy without question to often brutal results. The ranks of the Clergy are: Acolyte, Priest, High Priest, Deacon, Cardinal, and “The Voice” (“The Voice of the Father”) Excerpt from “The One Truth” one of three holy books of “The Church” (The others are; “The One God” and “The One Devotion.”) Only the clergy can read from these sacred books. The books are written in the Church’s cipher.

“We, the chosen, will be spared through action alone. We are manifest to rule all living who do not see the truths of the world and as such it is our duty to spread the true faith to all the population of the Father’s world.”


The Celestine Faith:

The national religion of the Celestine Empire, though other religions are tolerated (but not encouraged). They follow a pantheon of gods including: Mentor –the Warrior, Aer –the Lawbringer, Daece and Eon –the Brothers of Theatre, Esparei –the Beautiful, Eliena –the Artist, and Destiny –the Ripples of Fate. There are many other lesser gods within this pantheon, aside from those just mentioned. Their holy books are written in Aer’s Cipher. The books are: The Book of Beauty, the Book of Vigil, the Book of Law, and the Book of Destiny.

The religion teaches perfection in balance. It views all acts as potential beauty, and as an art form. Everything from painting to swordplay can be perfected and mastered. It teaches being lenient to the deserving and harsh to the wicked. All action must be thought out at length in meditation then once your destiny is revealed, you are to act swiftly with devotion. The religion is led by their cardinals; one for each god in the pantheon. The ranks are: Acolyte, Layman, Priest, Deacon, Bishop, and Cardinal. The paladins are called ‘The Holy Knights” or the Holy Knights of their respective god within the pantheon. Many of the Crown Knights of Celestine are also Holy Knights.

“Be Vigilant in all things. Watch your own actions above all else, for vigilance begins in thyne heart. Meditate on all actions but when Destiny is revealed unto you, strike swiftly and hold no regret. Destiny serves us, so long as we follow its wisdom.” -The Book of Vigil


The Forbidden Gods:

This is not a religion so much of a listing of gods that are generally viewed to be wicked, evil, and scorned. If worshipped, these gods normally have small cult followings. These gods listed do not have any direct affiliation with each other. The only thing they have in common is that they are viewed to be evil.

Deneial – “The Sea Whore” “The Queen of Beasts” “The Slayer of Hope” “She that is Despair.” Goddess Deneial normally takes the form of a beautiful but deadly woman riding a great wyrm of the sea. She commands beasts of all sorts especially sea monsters. She also is said to be part of the reason why ships do not return from the mists.

Necayre – “The Fiend’s Fiend” “The Godling Who Seeds Destructions” “The Imp” He is a godling that seems innocent yet causes great harm. He commands the portal between the infernal realms and the world.

Tane – “The Destroyer” “The Knight of Darkness” a true deathknight, he is a lesser demon god who directly commands an army of soldiers who rule the Northern end of Southern Breach.

Inexo – “Demon Goddess of the Blue Fire” “The Cold Fire.” Inexo is a lesser Demon Goddess who rules one of the two port cities of Southern Breach. She is a sorceress of considerable power.

Mehs – “The Inferno” “The God of a Thousand Bodies” “The Fire That Walks.” Mehs is a demon who becomes wreathed in flame when angered. He is angered easily and the subjects he rules and has enslaved know not to threaten this lesser Demon God.

Haen – “The Blood Archer” “The Butcher With Arrows.” Haen is another lesser demon god who has scars, mutilations, and tattoos all over his body. He is an archer of immense precision. Those under his dominion favor the cunning tactics of gorilla fighting, poisons, and traps.

Shri – “The Deceptive Killer.” A lesser Demon God who enjoys torturing his slaves, servants, and subjects. Living in his domain is not a pleasant experience.

Oll - “The Warlord” “The Demon Prince” A lesser Demon God who enjoys the thrill of combat. He is a giant of a creature and wields a great sword that is said to be too heavy for a mortal to hold.

Amaran – “The Lord of Blood” A Demon God who claims dominion of the Breach Isles. He is said to be able to pull the blood of humans through their pours causing excruciating pain and death.

The Wyrm – “The Thousand Toothed Horror” a Lesser Demon God that travels through the earth destroying those who stray too long away from Civilization in Southern Breach.

Vesh – “The Winged Lord” “The Hunter of Man.” A Demon God who commands his domain from the sky. He keeps a vigilant eye on his enemies, and destroys those enemies who stray too far into his realm. Styx – “The Goddess of Pain” “The Beautiful Slut” “The Blood Queen.” Styx is a goddess who bathes in the blood on her enemies and enjoys torturing those who displease her.

Morcin – “The God of Revenge” “The Great Warrior.” Morcin is not evil per say, he just has a temper. He takes any slight personal and repays upon such actions 100 fold. He fears nothing, and is no stranger with battling even other gods.

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